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My name is Bob, I’m 53 years old and I have mesothelioma. Our oldest daughter is 27, she’s a mother. I’ve got a beautiful grandson. Jarrod, he’s 25. He’s a drywaller also. And then we have a 15 year-old girl – she’s a real sweetheart.

My dad was a drywaller, and I followed in his footsteps. I started going to work with him when I about 8 years old..I liked hanging out with my dad. I used to mix the powdered mud for my dad, and there was a lot of dust that came from the sack mud, the contents of the bag. And that’s I contracted mesothelioma.

I used to be this big strong guy, a tough guy – nothing bothered me. And now I’m less than that. Mind-wise I’m not, but physically it’s taken my physical ability away from me. It’s disheartening sometimes, but yet you can’t give in.

After I was diagnosed, I was watching TV and saw the ads on TV – “If you’ve been exposed to asbestos, a cancer-causing material, call the number of the screen”. And that’s what I did.

I’ve never filed a lawsuit, before in my life. You know, it’s been a good experience, being associated with the Simmons Firm. They make you feel like you’re somebody and that you do matter. Sometimes you get the wrong interpretation of lawyers and attorneys – they’re good people. They’re humans too, they’re just trying to help you out. They’re good friends, they become family. Ted has called me a few times – he wants to come to Idaho in the summer and go fishing, and Melissa…we’ve gotten pretty personal with Melissa. She called us when her babies were born, and we called her when our grandbaby was born. And it’s a great family. It really is.