Christmas Crafts – 300+ Picture Ideas Part 2

Interesting Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids

Christmas Tree Crafts For Your Kids

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Another merry Christmas season is on its way, and you may have already started the preparations. Are you looking for some cool ideas to keep your naughty little kid busy? Also do you want to nurture his creativity and allow him to showcase his masterpieces for the occasion? If yes, no worries we have innovative quick fixes on how to make Christmas crafts including Christmas Tree crafts, greeting cards making at home for preschoolers, school going kids and teenagers.

Simple Christmas Crafts For Kids

Engaging kids in some fun indoor activities like making crafts is probably the best way to entertain them while they wait for Christmas Day. For your benefit, we have compiled a list of some fantastic Christmas craft ideas for children.

1. Wooden Snowflake Ornament:

Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids - Wooden Snowflake Ornament

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You Will Need:

    • An assortment of wood pieces.
    • Hot glue gun
    • Thick white glue
    • String or wire for hanging.

How To:

  1. Take a 2-inch square piece of wood for the base. The base will support the other pieces
  2. Assemble the pieces until you get a snowflake design and affix with white glue. Remember, a real snowflake has 6 points. Do not wedge the pieces against each other.
  3. Now attach a wire or string and your snowflake is ready to be used for decoration.

Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids - Paper Snowflakes

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You Will Need:

  • White or blue square paper
  • Scissors
  1. Fold the paper in half. Now fold the paper in half diagonally. It will make a triangle.
  2. Now fold the triangle into another triangle to make the pointed corners meet.
  3. Fold the triangle into thirds. Fold again to form a rocket. Don’t crease the paper until the folds are perfect.
  4. Now chop off the bottom. The paper should be straight.
  5. Cut the folded paper with straight and curvy lines.
  6. Unfold the paper to see your unique creation.

3. Pine Cone Christmas Ornament:

Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids - Pine Cone Christmas Ornament

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  • Pine cones
  • Yarn
  • Glitter
  • Craft glue
  • 2 bowls
  • Water

How To:

  1. Fill a bowl of water with three parts glue and one part water. Mix well.
  2. Fill the second bowl with a thin layer of glitter.
  3. Dip the ends of the pinecone into the glue mixture.
  4. Now hold the pine cone over the glitter bowl and apply glitter over it. Leave it to dry.
  5. Tie a piece of yarn on top of the pinecone and hang on the tree

4. Paper Christmas Ornaments:

Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids - Paper Christmas Ornaments

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You Will Need:

  • Decorative foam stickers.
  • Red and green craft foam.
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

How To:

  1. Cut a large ornament from the craft foam.
  2. Now tell your kid to stick the foam stickers on the foam ornament.
  3. Create a hole at the top center of the ornament.
  4. Cut a 4-inch piece of ribbon and thread through the hole.
  5. Tie a knot and hang on the tree.

Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids

We have compiled a set of top Christmas tree craft ideas here to keep your kid busy during the holidays!

1. Christmas Tree Tags:

These cute and innovative tags work best for gifts. You can get your kid to cut out Christmas trees from different patterned paper and make a tiny hole at the top. Then pass a small piece of ribbon through and tie it such that it makes a loop at the top, isn’t it cool and easy to make!

2. Paper Christmas Trees:

For personalized Christmas cards, ask your child to simply cut out different-shaped Christmas trees from a sheet of green paper. Decorate it using different sequins, glitter, and buttons, this is such a simple yet cute little idea!

3. Felt Christmas Tree Hanging:

For wall hangings and home decorations, you can ask your child to cut out two pieces of Christmas trees from green colored felt and stitch them together neatly (you can do this by yourself if your kid is small), and then ask her to decorate it using glitter and buttons!

4. Christmas Tree Variations:

Using different shades of green colored paper and a zigzag child-friendly scissor, ask your kid to experiment with different shapes and styles of the basic Christmas tree. Use them to make Christmas cards or any other decorative items for the occasion.

5. Buttoned Christmas Tree:

This one is a great idea that can help your kid understand shapes and colors. Plus, you don’t need a pair of scissors for this one. Simply trace out an outline of a Christmas tree on a sheet of paper, and place some buttons and a bottle of glue- and get your kid to stick buttons along the outline of the tree. Tada your unique Christmas tree is ready!

6. Potted Christmas Tree:

In a small pot, get him to add some clay. Cut out a simple triangle from a sheet of green paper and cut it again into 5 sections. Now stick these sections on an old branch painted in green color, such that each one is at a slight distance apart. Now get your child to push this stick into the clay, and then decorate the tree.

7. Clay Christmas Tree:

Clay modeling is another fun activity you can get your child to learn, something that will keep him occupied for hours. This is an activity that will help boost his creativity and improve his motor skills. Get him a block of green clay and help him mold it in the shape of a tree.

8. Napkin Christmas Tree:

Here’s another simple Christmas tree idea to get your kid to try, especially if you don’t have any craft materials at home and want to get your kid busy till you prepare the Christmas dinner. Explain your kid to follow these simple steps and fold a simple green napkin into the shape of a Christmas tree!

9. Felt Christmas Tree:

Take a couple of pieces of felt and cut it into the shape of a Christmas tree. When sewn back together, you can get your kid to create some wonderful decorations for the house. Ask him to work with beads, sequins, and paints and give the tree a cool twist.

10. Beaded Christmas Trees:

This one’s very similar to the button Christmas tree idea, the only difference is your kid will be using beads instead of buttons. When finished, you can frame it up and hang it on your kid’s bedroom wall, and it will be a masterpiece to showcase!