Hey guys! This is part two of my Christmas decorate with me for 2018 I hope you guys enjoy this video I had so much fun decorating my kitchen my dining room and a little adding little decor throughout my house. If you guys missed park one of my holiday/Christmas decorate with me I will have that link down below. In today’s video I’m going to be adding garland to my kitchen a small tree to my kitchen and also a centerpiece to my countertop. I’m also adding a few more Decour pieces to my dining room and showing you guys a DIY hack on how to cover up pictures or wall decor that don’t match your holiday decor.

I love this time of year and most of the things that I found for home or from T.J. Maxx Marshall’s home goods at home or Ross. I like to try and stick to a budget and any one item I don’t like spending more than around $35 so hope you guys can find some good items for your house and let me know if you want to see a full holiday/Christmas decor tour and I can show you guys where we got everything from and let you know prices.

Leave me a comment down below letting me know when you guys decorate do you wait until after Thanksgiving or do you decorate early? And I hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching my holiday videos and my decorate with mise I can’t wait for this holiday because James was actually kind of understand what’s going on. Cheers to Christmas!


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