Game of FOAMS – DIY Dragon Egg made EASY! + FREE Blueprints

Bill’s got a super easy tutorial to help makers of all skill levels create a super cool dragon egg – just like the ones seen in Game of Thrones!



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FREE blueprints

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Airbrush Basics

Airbrush Basics: Picking an Airbrush, Compressors, & Cleaning – Prop: Shop

Tools & Materials:

Packing Tape – local hardware/grocery store

Cutting Mat – Amazon

Utility Knife – Amazon

Pattern Notcher – Amazon

2mm & 6mm HD Foam – SKS Props

123 block – Amazon

ceramic blades (optional) – Amazon

Heat Gun – Amazon

Contact cement – Amazon

Respirator – Amazon

6001 Filters – Amazon

Gloves – Amazon

Masking tape – Local hardware store

Hobby Knife – Amazon

Thin Masking Tape – Amazon

Light Table – Amazon

Rotary Tool – Amazon

220 Sanding drum bit – Home Depot

Stone Grinding Bit – Amazon

Super Glue – Amazon

Round Stone Grinding Bits – Amazon

Wire – local hardware store

Blowtorch – Amazon

Mod Podge – Amazon

Foam Brush – Amazon

Kwik Seal – Amazon

Sponge – Local hardware/grocery store

Primer – Amazon

Golden High Flow Paint – Amazon
Ultramarine Blue
Carbon Black
Naphthol Red Light

Pearl Ex Pigments – Amazon

Mixing Cups – Amazon

Airbrush Medium – Amazon

Gravity Fed Airbrush – Amazon

Heavy Body Acrylic – Amazon

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