Game Of Thrones Bedroom Design

How about an interior design challenge inspired by Game Of Thrones series?
How would look like a Game Of Thrones Bedroom Design ?

My name is Milori, i am a romanian interior architect and artist…so let the magic begin!

The original interior design from the movie is very complex, has different influences because it was film in a lot of locations like United Kingdom, Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Spain, and the United States.. This historical fiction has lots of handmade decor, a lot of wood, iron, stone, somehow a medieval design that nowadays nobody has it in their own homes, is more likely to see it in castles or restaurants concepts.

I started from The Game of Thrones Winterfell interior ideas, that could not be more different from those of the capital, where is a mediterranean atmosphere, plenty of sunshine and beautiful gardens. But here in the North, the environment is cold , unfriendly and interior wood and stone was predominantly used. So let s face it, it is not too welcomy, it gives you a very murdery atmosphere most of the times if you watched the show.

but, I want to decorate this bedroom in a pleasant way, we will not replicate exactly the decor, i want it to be more welcoming, something that could resonate with more people, something about you could say..mmm maybe i could sleep here a night or two. It is important to keep the complexity but we will adapt the Winterfall design for a very extravagant, rich, imaginary client.

Let s begin with some ideas that i extracted from the movie:
1. I always start with an image, a drawing or painting for a design concept so i searched a scene which can actually bring a little bit of colour in the space, tryed to avoid the all wintery, snowy landscapes…and I ended up with the Magic Tree and King Brandon Stark near it….,i liked the tree with red leaves, but i got rid of the king in photoshop…would have been awkard to keep it there.
2. Animal furs are also usefull in the Winterfall decor because the temperatures are quite low, even in summer. SO i guess this idea with the fluffy white carpet is actually a good solution, instead of the animal furrs.
3.The North Kingdom has a lot of dead nature so i challenged myself to use this concept and make a room that feels warm… At some point started to regret this decision but, i actually found these leaf chairs, the floor lamps with a tree feeling:)) and on top of that the closet door decor with the gold handels. Can you believe it? i would say i nailed it down pretty well.
4.The bed and the nightstands represents all the ups and downs Game of Thrones have…all the fights, murders, good jokes..but really.. everyone dies, and i always had spoiler alerts from my friends…
5. Next i tryed to make a visual conection with the 3 dragons of Daenerys. I actually found a dragon statue for the chest i put in front of the bed, lucky me.
6. And the last detail i picked up on was the fireplace. We have a few fireplaces in the Game of Thrones movie, so i said..why not use one instead of the Tv? Definetly warms up the room as i was hoping in the begining, and strongly suggests that we should preffer our living room to set the tv in, not our bedroom.

Well, these were the 6 aspects that i chose to use as inspiration for this 3d concept, i hope you enjoyed the idea, maybe turned on your imagination a little bit, and hope to see you in the next episode with a different interior design concept story.