Game of Thrones Pop-Up Book that transforms into the map of Westeros

Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros

Based on the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones, paper engineer and pop-up book creator Matthew Reinhart created a pop-up book that should not be missed in the collections of Game of Thrones fans and collectors.

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Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros takes you on a tour through the world of Westeros, passing by several iconic locations such as the Castle of Winterfell, King’s Landing and the Wall’s Stark Majesty. All this over a total of 5 large pop-up spreads, which also feature multiple mini pop-ups showing us even more well known elements from the series like Direwolves, White Walkers Giants and dragons. Each pop-up is provided with a clear text that tells us more about the history of the Seven Kingdoms, forming an extensive reference guide to the world of Game of thrones.

The special feature and wow factor of this pop-up book is that it’s designed in a way that makes it possible to unfold all of the pop-up spreads into a gigantic map of Westeros. Reinhart’s spectacular paper engineering together with Michael Komarck’s illustrations ensure you a visually stunning and interactive Game of Thrones experience like never before!

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Author: Matthew Reinhart
Illustrations by Michael Komarck
Publisher: Insight Editions

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