Game of Thrones Stark Banner Using Pepsi/Coke Can DIY Under Rs 100

I am back with yet another video on Saturday, and, this time, its all about your favourite TV series- Game of Thrones!
So, the Game of Thrones fever is ON, and, more so after its 7th season was aired recently. And, everybody is trying out DIYs related to GoT.
So, I thought, what a good time to indulge into one such DIY myself and ended up creating this COOL STARK SYMBOL out of a PEPSI/COKE CAN.
Please watch the video if you’d want to create one for yourself too!

Items needed:
Carboard piece
Soft Drink Can
Embossing Tools –
Acrylic Colour- Black and Silver
Printouts of Stark Wolf and Winter is Coming text
Paint Brush
Permanent Marker
Paper Cutter, Scissors
Fevicol/White Glue

Equipments I use-
Camera : Canon 700D
Tripod : Simpex 1200
Mic: Blue iCE Snowball

Audacity (for voice-over)

Music Credits-
Rameses B – Game Of Thrones (FREE)