Double French Braid and Twist | Game of Thrones | Cute Girls Hairstyles

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So many fans have been emailing me about hairstyles from the “Game of Thrones” HBO television series. I do not watch the series, however I have seen the photos fans have sent in and though I would highlight one of them that I thought was easy and super cute!

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We call this one the “Double French Braid and Twist”. To begin, center-part the hair and then section off about a 1.5 inch strip on either side of the part. {These sections will provide the hair for the two French backs.}

As your French backs reach as far back as the crown of the head, ended them into simple braids. Then take the braids and twist them around each other, tying them off together with a hair elastic.

We added some volume to the hair before we made this braid, simply to add more texture to the hairstyle. This is a perfect 2nd-day hairstyle if you wore braids or had curls the previous day.