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♥ Weirwood Tree: I grabbed some sticks from outside and painted them white with acrylic paint, and then hot glued them together at the bottom. Taking red construction paper I made itty bitty leave and then hot glued those all over the branches. Using modelling clay I created a trunk to the tree to cover the hot glue, and then created roots stretching past the trunk. This allows it to stand upright on it’s own! Then I added some lines and small holes for that tree like effect!

♥ Ygrittes Hair: Start with a small pony tail with the top portion of hair. Then with equal parts from either side of the head create two braids. Start creating the braid with the pony tail, and then french braid both side braids to create one large braid. Tie it off at the end and now you have Ygrittes hair! Here’s my inspiration photo:

♥ House Banner Cupcakes: I made a batch of red velvet batter using this recipe:
And then I divided it into 2 cupcake trays. One I lined with paper cases, and the other i sprayed with cooking spray. I baked as instructed and then let cool. I mixed 1/4 cup cream cheese with half a container of store bought vanilla icing, and then put it in a piping bag to frost. Take a few teaspoons of icing and microwave it for 10 seconds, and then add red food colouring. Drizzle it over the centre of the cupcake letting it drip down the sides to give it that blood effect.
To make the house banners: I printed this image:
And then cut them out. I painted wooden skewers black and then measured the width of each banner and cut. Then I measured how long I wanted it to be and cut accordingly. Hot glue them together and then stick into each cupcake!

♥ Ned Stark Cakepops: Using the cupcakes that aren’t in the paper cases, crumble them all into a bowl, and then add enough icing for the crumbs to come together. Roll into small balls and then place in the freezer for 20 mins while you melt your chocolate. Using white chocolate melts, heat in a metal/glass bowl over a pan of simmering water. Then pour into a cup to cool slightly. Using the pointy end of the skewers, dip them into the chocolate, and then stab through the chilled cake pop. Let sit to harden, and then submerge each pop to coat evenly. Tap on the side of the cup to remove the excess chocolate, and then let dry. Once they’re hard use black icing to create X’s for eyes, and a sad face, then brown gel or icing to create his hair and beard, then finally add red gel to the top of his head and also the bottom to act as blood! Obviously you can change anything to make it more personal or unique but I thought this was funny!

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