Everything We Know About Game Of Thrones’ Eighth & Final Season

Everything We Know About Game Of Thrones’ Eighth & Final Season

Forget winter, Game Of Thrones is coming. After well over a year of a Westeros drought, everyone’s favorite HBO fantasy epic is slowly preparing to return to our TV screens for season 8, which will stand as Thrones’ final season. First, there was the buzzy footage in HBO’s “Coming Soon” teaser. Then, HBO announced which monthThrones‘ final run would premiere. Then, the network distracted us with our first footage out of Winterfell.

Finally, HBO announced Thronesseason 8 would premiere on Sunday, April 14.

With the officially countdown in effect, it’s likely fans are desperate for any and all details from Game Of Thrones’ last season. We scoured the internet for all the most crucial cast interviews, Instagram photos, and trailers to figure out what we should expect for Thrones’ goodbye run.

Keep reading to learn everything from when Thrones season 8 will premiere to which shocking characters will return and what secrets are hiding in the brand new previews. The latest one, of the top three Stark kids wandering the crypts of Winterfell, spells an especially terrifying portent of doom (and, death, naturally).