Two years ago, back in 2017, after Season 7 of GoT ended, there was a full ‘LEAK’ of the already existing Season 8 episodes’ plot. This is that script.
Supposedly, they had to change the whole plot due to this ‘leak’, if that is true, this was supposed to be the original plot of Season 8, that just ended.
If you haven’t read the ‘original’ plot, do go through it; it will take some time to read! You may consider it as an alternate plot at best. We Don’t know yet how Martin will end the books. Counting the days.
Which one is better? The leaked one? or, the aired one?



Aftermath of the Night King’s attack on Eastwatch by the Sea. Tormund and Gendry are able flee the scene. Undead Viserion sets Crows and Undead afire. Lord Beric Dondarrion stays behind to fight the White Walkers (dies off-screen?), but not before killing the White Walker that killed Edd. Edd is stabbed to death by a White Walker. Tormund and Gendry ride for Winterfell, whilst we see a burning Castle Black in the background.

Daenerys, Jon, Tyrion, Davos, Jorah, Brienne, Podrick, The Hound, Missandei, Varys and Theon arrive in Winterfell. Davos remarks that it has gotten much colder and darker since he has left with Jon. Jon and Arya are first reunited. Daenerys meets Sansa Stark and Sansa asks whether she and Jon are in love now. Daenerys don’t give a proper response to that. Sansa doesn’t seem too pleased with Jon returning to Winterfell and Daenerys’s presence. Jon notices this and chats with her. She mentions Littlefinger’s death and how he has always betrayed them right under their nose. She says it is plain stupid to work together with Cersei Lannister. The Hound and Arya also have a conversation with each other. Arya tells the Hound she didn’t regret to leave him behind without having him killed off. The Hound answers that Arya should have had him killed off right there, especially with the things he has seen beyond the Wall.

Euron Greyjoy arrives back in King’s Landing with the Golden Company and meets up with Cersei Lannister and the commanders of the Golden Company in the Throne Room. Cersei thanks Euron for having the sellswords shipped to King’s Landing. Cersei orders the commander-in-chief to take Storm’s End and to have the army gathered in the fortress. Robert Baratheon once told her that the fortress has stood for many centuries and she’s sure that it will keep standing during the Long Night as well. Since there’s no Baratheon holding the castle any longer, it wouldn’t be too difficult to just take it themselves. They’ll need to protect themselves during the Great War. Later that night, Euron Greyjoy is about to have sex with Cersei Lannister. Euron jokes that she won’t miss her brother after she finds out what he can give her. Cersei’s face says enough. She isn’t too pleased with Euron in her bed. Possible nudity to be seen here. The following morning Euron leaves with his ship ‘The Silence’ to ferry the sellswords to Storm’s End to take the fortress. After he comes back, he tells Cersei he wants to be her king. Inside the Silence, Euron has a conversation with Yara Greyjoy about Queen Cersei. Yara point-blank tells him that she knows he isn’t interested in being Queen Cersei’s pet/husband at all. Euron laughs and tells her his good friends from Braavos will take care of that problem soon enough.


Daenerys, Jon, Sansa, Tyrion, Davos, Missandei, Sam, Varys, the Northern Lords and the Knights of the Vale gather in the Great Hall of Winterfell. Sweetrobin and Yohn Royce are also present in this scene. Sam reunites with Jon and the two share a hug. Jon tells Sam he’s glad to have him back. The Northern Lords aren’t too pleased to accept Daenerys as their Queen. Daenerys defends herself very well, but she doesn’t get the support of the North just yet. Lyanna Mormont tells Daenerys Targaryen that she will never call her ‘Your Grace’, because she only knows one King and that’s Jon Snow, the King in the North. Tyrion smiles and mentions that she’s a ferocious girl on which Jorah replies that Mormonts don’t stand back for anything. Jon tells them there’s no time to argue with each other and brings up that there hasn’t been word of the Lannister army yet. Sansa responds that she warned them not to trust Cersei Lannister. Tyrion mentions that they can trust his brother Jaime but Daenerys doesn’t seem to agree on this one. The group discusses how they will defend the North against the Night King’s army. Jon Snow tells Robin it’s wise to bring the Eyrie into the fold and to lure the Night King in there. Robin doesn’t really seem to care and accepts Jon’s proposal. After the meeting, Daenerys tells Jon that the Northerners really are stubborn and small-minded people.

Scene 5

Theon Greyjoy visits the Godswood of Winterfell and thinks of his friend Robb and meets with Bran Stark. He immediately apologizes to Bran for everything he has done against House Stark, but Bran tells him there’s no need for that. He knows that Theon has redeemed himself by saving his sister Sansa. He has seen how much he has suffered at the hands of Ramsay Bolton. Theon asks him how he knows all of this but Bran doesn’t respond to that. Arya and Brienne are training and Jon is impressed by his sister’s fighting skills. Arya mentions that she has never forgotten to stick her enemies with the pointy end. He asks Arya why she didn’t join the meeting in the Great Hall of Winterfell. Arya answers that Sansa is way better in those things than she is.

Scene 6

In Volantis, Lady Melisandre enters the Red Temple. She’s again welcomed by Kinvara.
Melisandre tells Kinvara that she’s played her part in the Great War to come. She has united ice and fire. She has served King Jon Snow, the prince who was promised and brought him back to life. Kinvara tells Melisandre that she’s served their God well on that part, but she also made a lot of mistakes where she needs to pay for. Kinvara tells Melisandre that their God demands one more sacrifice of Melisandre which requires her to return to the North. Melisandre answers that she isn’t allowed to enter the North. Kinvara smiles and answers Melisandre that she could benefit from her punishment

Scene 7

We see Jaime Lannister at an inn when he meets up with Bronn. Jaime’s surprised to see Bronn and asks him why he followed him. Bronn answers that there’s nothing left for him in that stinking city and he’s up for some adventure in the North. Jaime is glad to have Bronn by his side. Bronn asks Jaime why he has left the woman he loves the most, but Jaime doesn’t fully respond to his question. He then asks what he’s planning to do now he has left King’s Landing. Jaime tells Bronn he’s on his way to Riverrun to bring the garrisoned Lannister army back to the fold. Bronn asks him why he would give up the castle he has been occupying. Jaime answers what purpose that would have? What does he gain with that? For all he cares, Edmure can have Riverrun back.

Scene 8

Tormund and Gendry arrive in Winterfell. Jon Snow asks Sansa why Bran didn’t take the time to join the meeting in the Great Hall and didn’t even come to speak to him. Sansa tells Jon Bran has changed a lot and calls himself ‘the Three-Eyed Raven’ now. She tells him not to expect much of a conversation with him. Samwell comes in between and tells Jon there’s something he and Bran urgently needs to tell him. Bran first sees Jon in the Godswood when he’s looking into the past. Jon mentions that he has encountered a warg beyond the Wall. Sam responds that Bran is much more than a warg, he’s a greenseer. The two inform Jon Snow about his parentage, which Jon doesn’t seem to believe at first sight. Bran tells Jon he knows everything about him. He saw him beyond the Wall, surrounded by Free Folk. He saw him fighting at Hardhome against the Night King and he saw how he was stabbed to death by his own men. Jon can’t really believe he’s a Targaryen. Sam mentions that he’s the one with the right claim on the Iron Throne, not Daenerys Targaryen but Aegon Targaryen.


Scene 1

The first scene will take place in the Great Hall of Winterfell. Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion, Davos and Sansa are present here. Gendry and Tormund tell the rest that the Wall has fallen and the Night Watch destroyed. Tormund also mentions that the Night King rides an undead dragon and that they are severely fucked. Bran Stark confirms Gendry and Tormund’s story and tells that the Night King is on his way to Winterfell. Jon Snow tells the rest that they have no time to lose and asks Maester Wolkan to inform all of their banners, everyone in the North, to prepare themselves for a war against the Army of the Dead. They need to prepare for an attack at the battlefield of Winterfell.

After having to process a lot of new information and struggling with his identity, Jon Snow goes to the crypts to visit his mother, Lyanna and his uncle, Ned Stark. Daenerys notices that there’s something wrong with Jon and finds him in the crypts. She asks Jon what’s wrong with him. Jon tells her that he even isn’t called Jon Snow. He calls ‘Jon Snow’ a lie people have made him believe all of life. Daenerys is confused and asks Jon for clarification but Jon walks away from her. Daenerys notices that Jon behaves aloof toward her.

Daenerys walks out of the crypts, which Jorah Mormont notices. He asks her what happened down them in the crypts but Daenerys answers that she doesn’t know what’s up with Jon. She tells Jorah that Jon is hiding something from her. Jorah also tells Daenerys that it striked him that Daenerys has been so absent for days. She answers that she’s not feeling very well lately. Jorah proposes to have her examined by Maester Wolkan.

Scene 3

Qyburn enters Cersei’s chambers. He mentions that she hasn’t spoken about her miscarriage anymore and that she needs to take enough time to rest. Cersei answers that there’s no time for that and doesn’t want to say more about the miscarriage. Qyburn leaves her chambers, Cersei watches from her window, witnessing how the snow falls in King’s Landing.

Scene 4

The next shot is Jaime, riding his horse in snowy conditions. He and Bronn arrive in Riverrun, both discover that the Tullys are once again laying siege to Riverrun. Jaime enters the stage and meets up with Edmure. Edmure tells Jaime he should have him in chains, but Jaime responds that he doesn’t come to argue about the damned castle. He proposes Edmure to help his niece and nephew in the Great War against the Night King. He also promises to give Edmure Riverrun
back to the Tullys, since it doesn’t matter any longer who’s holding the castle at this point. Edmure tends to agree, not for Jaime but for his family.

Scene 5

Most of House Stark’s bannermen and Daenerys’s army have now arrived in Winterfell. Among them is Howland Reed. He arrived with his army and Meera Reed by his side. Arya receives a visitor in Winterfell. He seems to be an ordinary bannerman from House Cerwyn, but he quickly removes his face. It seems to be Jaqen H’ghar. Arya is surprised to have Jaqen visiting her. Jaqen tells Arya the Many-Faced God requires another death, a name to be crossed off her list. He reveals it to be the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei Lannister. A price was paid. What better servant of the Many-Faced God than Arya Stark can kill Cersei Lannister. He gives a vial of poison to Arya and leaves her.

Jon Snow seizes the moment to talk with Howland Reed alone. He asks Howland to confirm Bran’s story, but Howland doesn’t acknowledge this at all. Jon Snow pleads him to tell the truth since Robert Baratheon isn’t alive any longer, there’s no point in lying anymore. Howland ultimately confirms that Ned was carrying Lyanna’s child when he came out of the Tower of Joy. He always promised him to keep this a secret. Jon thanks him for telling the truth anyway.

Scene 7

Knowing that the Army of the Undead will be upon them very soon, Tyrion, Jon, Sansa, Arya, Brienne, Podrick, Davos, Tormund, Gendry, Varys, Jorah, Theon, The Hound, Grey Worm and Sam discuss together with the Stark bannermen and Daenerys’s army how they will defend the North. Allegedly the Last Hearth has already been attacked by the White Walkers and their castle destroyed. Ned Umber didn’t make it out alive. Tyrion speaks for Daenerys, who’s absent due to illness. He comes forward with a plan to defend the North. Tormund, the remaining Free Folk, the Dothraki, the Unsullied will attack with dragonglass from the Dreadfort since that’s where they are heading to first. On their way to Winterfell, the dragons will set the army of the Dead afire and House Stark’s bannermen and the Knights of the Vale will fight weakened forces at the battlefield of Winterfell and hopefully destroy the Night King as well. Jon wants Brienne and Podrick to take Sansa, Arya and Bran with them and to leave with Robin Arryn to the Eyrie.
Arya doesn’t want to and claims that she’s stronger than most men. They need her in the war to come. Jon insists that he doesn’t want that. Jorah also wants to fight alongside House Mormont but Lyanna reminds him that he has betrayed his own House. Varys mentions that he has also received word from King’s Landing. Supposedly, Queen Cersei has bought a great army of sellswords and Euron Greyjoy has taken Storm’s End to install the army there. Theon pleads to have Storm’s End attacked and Gendry agrees since it’s the seat of his father’s house. Jon promises Theon that he will help to destroy Euron and save his sister after they have dealt with the Night King and his army. There’s no time for that now since all of their lives are in danger and they have no choice than to face the Night King and his army. He needs his help and that of the Iron Islanders as well during the battle at Winterfell. A disappointed Theon accepts his proposal.

Scene 8

Missandei visits Daenerys in her chambers. Daenerys tells Missandei that Maester Wolkan examined her and that he confirmed that she’s pregnant. Missandei asks why she isn’t happy then. Daenerys feels that Jon has changed towards her and she doesn’t understand why.

Scene 9

The Free Folk, the Dothraki, the Unsullied prepare to leave Winterfell. Jon asks Daenerys why she didn’t attend this important gathering, but Daenerys doesn’t reply to that as well. Meera goes to say goodbye to Bran in the Godswood in Winterfell when Bran starts to behave very strangely. He pleads Meera to warn them since the Night King’s army is here. Jon is going to say goodbye to Sansa when Meera runs to warn the others. A huge winter storm starts to come closer to Winterfell. Chaos erupts.

Scene 10

The North and Daenerys’s army gather outside to face the Night King’s army. Jon orders Sansa, Arya and Daenerys to stay inside Winterfell. They are too valuable to lose and promises them that Winterfell will not fall. Varys, Tyrion, Robin, Samwell, Gilly, Lyanna and Missandei also remain inside Winterfell. Arya first doesn’t want to but obeys Jon’s wish. Sansa asks Meera to get Bran inside asap. A huge flock of wights invade the battlefield of Winterfell. Dothraki face the Army of the Dead first and many of them are taken out quite easily. Lots of White Walkers keep coming. Ghost fights with Jon and saves him at one point from a White Walker trying to kill him. Ghost is killed off trying to save Jon. Inside Winterfell, Daenerys is frustrated that she’s not able to help and that she should fly Drogon to destroy the undead. Missandei answers that it’s not wise to join the fight while she’s pregnant. Sam tries to console Gilly and Little Sam. The news surprises Sansa, Tyrion and Varys. Drogon comes in between and takes out a big chunk of the Night King’s army but also kills some of the Northern bannermen in the process. The White Walkers also enters the stage with the Night King flying Undead Viserion above them. Viserion starts to destroy the Northern’s army as well. Lord Glover and Howland Reed die, and are killed by dragonfire. Tormund leads the Free Folk and fights but is killed by Drogon’s fire. Drogon also manages to kill an undead giant. Meera wants Bran to leave the Godswood but he tells her he has help and Jon and co. Bran is trying to control Rhaegal with his mind. Meera warns Bran that is too dangerous and that he should stay inside. Jon and Daenerys’s army is diminishing greatly since the White Walkers keep coming. White Walkers try to invade Winterfell. Grey Worm faces two White Walkers and is able to take out one of them with his spear made from Dragonglass. The other White Walker kills him. The White Walkers supposedly try to invade Winterfell to take down Bran. Brienne guards the castle together with Podrick, Jorah and Gendry. White Walkers start to invade there as well. Podrick is killed off by a group of Wights, which makes Brienne go psycho and takes out one of the White Walkers as well with Oathkeeper. Meera is urging Bran to give up and get inside but Bran doesn’t want to. He wants Meera to leave instead and get safe inside the castle. Meera answers that she will stay together with him until the end. Jaime Lannister and the Tully forces come to the North’s aid right in time. Bran is managing to warg inside Rhaegal and the dragon starts to fight undead Viserion, trying to bite him right in the neck but gets gravely injured during the fight as well. Rhaegal starts to breathe fire on Viserion, which seems to make the Night King start leaving the battlefield on injured Viserion’s back.

Scene 11

Meera realizes that this is the end for them. White Walkers are coming for Bran and she gets killed off by the White Walkers while defending Bran’s body. Viserion and Rhaegal keep fighting each other and both start to be seriously injured. It seems like dragonfire can harm the Night King. The White Walkers stab Bran to death, which makes Rhaegal fall to the ground and to be stabbed to death by Wights. The Night King’s army of Undead is starting to diminish. We see Jaime commanding his men and fighting the remaining Undead alongside Bronn. Jon fights alongside the Hound and Davos. The Hound is fighting like a boss right here. When Jon starts to notice that the Night King’s army is retreating as well he commands everybody to leave the battlefield asap and goes with Davos and the Hound to get everyone safely outside now. The Knights of the Vale, Sansa, Brienne and Robin leave together to the Eyrie. Arya, The Hound, Jaime Lannister, Bronn, Edmure Tully, Tully and Lannister forces retreat to Riverrun. Jon, Davos, Tyrion, Varys, Missandei, Jorah, Samwell, Gilly, Little Sam, Theon, the remaining Unsullied and Dothraki forces travel south. Lyanna Mormont and her men retreat to Bear Island.

Scene 12

The last shot we see is Jon and Daenerys on Drogon’s back setting all the dead afire including dead Rhaegal. Both sides suffered great losses in this fight.


Grey Worm, Tormund, Podrick, Meera, Bran, Rhaegal, Robett Glover, Howland Reed


Scene 1

Jon, Daenerys, Sansa, Robin, Lord Royce, Jaime, Bronn, Edmure, Varys, Brienne, Tyrion, Jorah, Gendry, Sam, Gilly, Davos, Missandei, Little Sam and Theon all arrive in Greywater Watch. Not all of these characters appear on screen though. They make a stop to rest there and to discuss their strategy to defeat the Night King for good.

Inside Greywater Watch, Daenerys, Jon, Jaime, Bronn, Edmure, Tyrion, Sansa, Sam, Davos, Robin and Lord Royce discuss how they will organize themselves before splitting up. Jon proposes to await the Night King’s attack from the Eyrie since the fortress is very difficult to impregnate. Tyrion jokes that the Night King only needs 10 good men to impregnate the bitch, but only Bronn catches the joke. The remaining Lannister and Tully army defend Riverrun together with Edmure, Tyrion, Jaime and Bronn. When the Eyrie gets attacked first, the Night King’s army has to get lured into the Bloody Gate and that’s when the Lannister and Tully forces need to join the attack as well. Theon has to take back Pyke and defend it together with the remaining army of the North and the Ironborn. Jon remarks that Arya and The Hound have not been seen arriving in Greywater Watch. Edmure assures that Arya hasn’t died but simply disappeared when they were retreating from Winterfell. Sansa remarks that she’d be safe with the Hound. She always manages to survive somehow. Jon also wants Sansa and Brienne to join Robin and Gendry to the Eyrie where they’d probably be more safer. Jon stays with Davos, Jaime, Jorah, Bronn, Tyrion and Edmure in Riverrun. Jon wants Daenerys, to travel to Dragonstone together with Varys and Missandei. Sam and Gilly should travel with her. Maester Wolkan received bad news, though. Lyanna Mormont didn’t make it to Bear Island and died.

Scene 2

Next shot is Arya and the Hound travelling on the Kingsroad. The Hound complains to Arya that she should have followed her brother and sister and that she’s a stupid girl to travel alone in the North now that the army of undead fuckers are around. Arya answers the Hound that he shouldn’t have sticked with her if he’s scared. The Hound deduces that Arya is traveling to King’s Landing, but he doesn’t understand why. Arya says that she has to cross one last name off her list. The Hound laughs and tells Arya why she’s still holding that fucking list since everyone will die soon anyway. Arya responds that she needs to kill Cersei herself. The Hound agrees and tells that he has some unfinished business with his brother as well. The two encounter by an old woman, who’s asking after the King in The North. The Hound says that an old woman shouldn’t be alone in the woods with the army of the Night King approaching. The old woman says she doesn’t fear the dead. Arya tells the woman she thinks Jon Snow has traveled south, probably to Dragonstone. The old woman takes a look at Arya and tells her that they have met before. Arya is puzzled about this, the Old Woman leaves.

Scene 3

During the night, the characters at Greywater Watch sleep in huts. Jon chats a last time with Howland Reed, asking if he joins them to the South since the White Walkers would probably hit Greywater Watch soon. Howland Reed tells that he’s ready to die. He doesn’t care of his life anymore, now with his children being passed away. He tells Jon Snow the Walkers can have him. He tells Jon he also needs to pay for his sins, for killing Arthur Dayne behind his back. He tells Jon the story of how he saw Ned Stark with baby Jon in his arms. His uncle always wanted to keep him safe, even willing to sacrifice his life for Jon. Howland tells Jon he recognizes a lot of traits of Ned in Jon Snow and says that he would make a good ruler on the Iron Throne. Jon insists that he isn’t interested in that and leaves Howland Reed.

Scene 4

Then, we see Cersei in King’s Landing. Qyburn visits the chamber of the Hand and informs Cersei that Winterfell has been attacked and that Daenerys and Jon have lost a great deal of their army. Cersei smiles. Qyburn also tells that the Lannister army has joined the Battle at Winterfell apparently. Cersei asks if Jaime has survived, but Qyburn tells he doesn’t know. Cersei answers that he shouldn’t have. After that, Euron arrives back in King’s Landing. He comes to tell Cersei
that the Golden Company successfully took Storm’s End and that the army is gathered right there. He tells Cersei he finally wants to receive his reward and they shouldn’t wait to marry and be husband and wife tonight. Cersei reluctantly agrees.

Scene 5

It’s still night in Greywater Watch and the characters stay there until morning. Jon and Daenerys sleep together in a hut. Daenerys finally tells Jon that she’s pregnant with his child. Jon is surprised and expresses his happiness toward Daenerys. He jokes that this is the only good thing that happened to them at the moment. He also wonders about their child’s health since they’re family. Daenerys comforts Jon, the Targaryens have been inbreeding for years and she’s perfectly healthy. Daenerys thinks she’s having a son again, and asks Jon what he would name their son. Jon thinks he should be named after the greatest person he knew in his life, the one that saved his life, his uncle Ned. He wants his son to be named Eddard Targaryen. Daenerys repeats the name and smiles. She says she likes it very much. The two start to kiss in their hut. Jaime visits Brienne’s hut as well. Brienne grieves over Podrick’s death, telling him that Podrick was the last person to deserves to die like that. Jaime agrees telling Brienne that he was a good lad and he was lucky to have been around Brienne all that time.

Scene 6

The Hound and Arya make a fire during the night. The Hound asks how she managed to cross off almost every name of her list, but before Arya can respond she tells the Hound to shut up. She hears some strange noises. Not much later, a group of wights attack Arya and the Hound. The two begin to fight the wights but more wights come since they’re attracted to the noise. It’s then when Nymeria and a much larger pack of wolves come in between and kill off a big bunch of Wights. A lot of wolves die too. When most of the Wights are killed off, The Hound thinks they should flee as soon as they can before another group of Wights comes to kill them off. Arya discovers that she has lost Needle during the fight, but the Hound insists that there’s no time left to search for the damned sword and that they should leave immediately. This time Arya manages to have Nymeria follow her and the Hound.

Scene 7

The wedding between Cersei Lannister and Euron Greyjoy takes place in the Throne Room. Euron looks very delighted, Cersei not so. It’s Qyburn who has them married. Cersei wears a tight, long black dress. She looks quite sad during the wedding. The wedding scene itself doesn’t take long and the scene switches to their wedding bed. This scene is an intercut between Cersei and Euron having sex and Jaime and Brienne also having sex in their hut. The two still think of each other.

Scene 8

Next morning, the group departs from Greywater Watch and Jon and Sansa say goodbye to each other for the time being. Jon asks Gendry to keep his sister safe. Daenerys and Jon also say goodbye and leave each other. Daenerys tells Jon that Drogon should stay with him. They’ll need him to fight the Night King. The two kiss before leaving each other. Jorah is still having difficulties with that. We see all of the character go different ways and that’s how the episode ends.


A lot of Wights and wolves, Lyanna Mormont (off-screen)


Originally, Howland died during Episode 2 but the writers chose to include Greywater Watch Later on.

Scene 1 – King’s Landing

Cersei speaks with Qyburn, Euron and the three Commanders of the Golden Company. Qyburn informs them that Daenerys and Jon have been splitting up their army and that Jaime is currently with Jon and Edmure in Riverrun, probably awaiting an attack from the Night King. Pyke has been taken again by Theon Greyjoy and Jon’s army, which visibly angers Euron. Daenerys traveled back to Dragonstone. Cersei laughs and tells the rest she hopes the Night King devours their army soon enough. They shouldn’t wait too long and have the Golden Company attack Dragonstone since Daenerys’s army is reduced remarkably. Euron Greyjoy is watching the Iron Throne when Cersei joins him in the Throne Room. She asks Euron why he doesn’t attack Pyke, since his nephew has taken it from him. Euron initially thinks it’s a stupid idea to go North now, but Cersei convinces him to learn them another lesson. Euron decides to take his fleet and travels to Pyke.

Cersei and Qyburn are watching from above how Euron leaves. Qyburn asks Cersei if it is smart to have their most important ally travel so far North at the moment. Cersei tells Qyburn she hopes her enemies deal with Euron Greyjoy and that he never returns to King’s Landing.

Scene 2

Daenerys, Sam, Gilly, Varys and Missandei have returned to Dragonstone. Varys reports to Daenerys that Cersei has hired the Golden Company and that Euron’s ships has been seen leaving King’s Landing. They could attack her any moment, now that her forces are weakened.
Daenerys agrees and hopes that Jon and Co. finishes the Night King’s army as soon as possible. When Daenerys takes a bath, Missandei remarks that she’s visibly pregnant right by now. Daenerys asks Missandei how she deals with Grey Worm’s death, at which Missandei responds that she’s missing him every day. Missandei asks Daenerys whether she misses Jon. Daenerys says she does. Next scene is Samwell with Gilly and Little Sam. Samwell wants Gilly to travel to Horn Hill with Little Sam. They aren’t safe in Dragonstone with enemies from all sides. Gilly reminds Sam that he promised her not to leave them, but Sam insists that they must. They’ll be safe with his mother and sister. He promises that he’ll fight for them.

Scene 3

Jaime, Jon, Bronn, Tyrion, Jorah and Edmure are already in Riverrun. Jon mentions that the Army of the Dead has been seen reaching the Twins. They will be upon them soon and tells them they should take their armies to the Eyrie immediately. Tyrion takes the time to ask Jaime about Cersei and why he chosen to leave her. Jaime tells Tyrion that Cersei will never find peace after the deaths of their children and chose to betray everybody during the Dragonpit by hiring the Golden Company. Their relationship fully consumed him. Tyrion reminds the rest that Daenerys isn’t safe in Dragonstone, now that Cersei has an army of thousands of sellswords behind her back. She could attack Dragonstone any moment from now. Jorah think his place should be with his queen now as he promised to protect her at any cost. Jon seems to agree and lets him go.

Jon sends word to his sister, Sansa, to inform her that the Army of the Dead will reach the Vale soon and that their army is marching to the Vale now.

Scene 4

Cersei stands with the commanders of the Golden Company on the giant map of Westeros. She instructs the commanders to take their men to Dragonstone with Euron’s remaining ships and to capture Daenerys Targaryen. She can’t wait to kill the foreign whore herself. The commanders leave and obey her orders.

Scene 5

Sansa receives word from Jon Snow and orders the Lords of the Vale that they should prepare now. She convinces Robin Arryn to have Lord Royce lead the Knights of the Vale. Robin tells Sansa he intends to fight with them. Sansa answers Robin that it’s not a good idea and that he should be kept safe. Robin laughs and tells Sansa that he’s not a girl, unlike Sansa. Gendry and Sansa have a conversation as Well. Sansa asks how Gendry came to meet Arya, but he tells Sansa that the story is too long to tell. The two seem to get well along and Sansa thanks him for fighting with them.

Scene 6

Missandei receives a visitor in Dragonstone. She first asks after Jon Snow, but is happy to meet Daenerys as well. It seems to be old Melisandre who comes to bring them important news. Old Melisandre tells them that a great last sacrifice should be made if they want to win the war and that it requires true king’s blood. Old Melisandre points at Daenerys’s baby. Daenerys is furious at the old lady and sends her away immediately. Before Old Melisandre leaves, Varys talks with her outside. Melisandre makes her identity known, which has Varys shocked. She tells Varys that he should remember what the voice said in the flames. He should be the one to save the common people from the doom. She asks Varys to fulfill the prophecy and save Westeros. Varys can’t utter a word. Melisandre leaves Dragonstone and the series.

Scene 7 – Pyke

Theon Greyjoy is sitting on his father’s chair when his men come to tell him that Euron Greyjoy has arrived in Pyke as well. Euron speaks with Theon outside. He has Yara with him and tells Theon that he should give up Pyke already or he’ll slit his sister’s throat in front of him. Theon is starting to notice that it’s getting a lot colder and he can see his breath. He tells Euron that they are coming for them, but Euron doesn’t understand at first. Men start to scream and Wights start invading Pyke. Yara takes adventage of the moment and kicks Euron. Theon implores Yara to escape to Dragonstone. Yara wants Theon to come With her, but tells her he Won’t fail her another time. Yara Wants Theon to come With her, but tells her he won’t fail her another time. She escapes on a small ship with a few loyal men. Theon fights Euron himself. Ironborn and Northmen fight the wights, while Euron battles Theon. Euron gets the upper-hand and swings his axe Theon right in Theon’s body. Theon dies immediately, Euron laughs. Euron implores his men to leave Pyke with the boats. A lot of his men have died, but Euron manages to escape.


Scene 1

First scene will only include the soundtrack of R. Djawadi, there’s no dialogue in the first five minutes. We first see the Knights of the Vale preparing themselves for an attack. We get a shot of the Lannister, Tully and Stark army marching to the Vale. Jaime, Tyrion, Edmure and Bronn are seen leading their men. Then we see the Golden Company getting on board of Euron Greyjoy’s ships. The Knights of the Vale see a huge storm approaching slowly, Yohn Royce is commanding the Army of the Vale to keep their spears of dragonglass ready. Robin Arryn fights alongside Yohn Royce. Lord Royce isn’t too pleased to have Robin Arryn commanding their men. You can literally read that from his face.

Scene 2

First line comes from Yohn Royce who commands his men to keep ready. Wights start to invade the Bloody Gate. Robin Arryn is commanding the archers, but fails miserably. Inside the Eyrie, we see Lady Sansa together with Gendry and Brienne of Tarth. Gendry says goodbye to Sansa and joins the fight. Sansa tells Gendry she hopes he’ll come back. Gendry expresses his doubt. Brienne of Tarth also wants to join the fight, but Sansa isn’t too fond of that idea. She wants Brienne to stay with her, but Brienne says she can’t save Sansa if the Wights invade inside the Eyrie as well. She swore to protect Sansa and the best way to do that is to keep the entry of the Vale safe from the Night King’s army. Sansa hugs Brienne and thanks her for everything she has done to protect her family. Brienne leaves to join the fight.

Scene 3 – Dragonstone

News reaches Dragonstone that the Golden Company is on their way to attack Queen Daenerys. Daenerys commands her remaining Unsullied and Dothraki to protect Dragonstone from invading there. Varys advises her to leave Dragonstone immediately, but Daenerys doesn’t listen to his counsel. She realizes that her water has broken and she’s ready to labor. Missandei and Samwell help Daenerys and make her rest right away. Samwell is Worried because Daenerys’s baby is coming Way to soon.

Scene 4

Then we see three White Walkers from a distance watching how the Wights win from the Knights of the Vale. The Night King is flying on Viserion above the White Walkers, watching the spectacle as well. Viserion apparently has lost one of his eyes and his right Wing got gravely injured. Brienne is fighting for her life. Robin Arryn is almost attacked by several Wights and runs away to hide inside of the Eyrie. Sansa confronts him that he promised to fight with his men, but Robin expresses his lack of interest in the survival of his men.

Brienne, Lord Royce and Gendry continue to fight but it looks like a losing side until now. The White Walkers now start to invade the Eyrie as well. A roaring Undead Dragon can be heard. A one blue-eyed Undead Viserion flies above Lord Royce and his men and sets them afire. Then we hear the roaring of another dragon. The Night King looks behind and sees Jon Snow on Drogon helping the Lord of Vale out. Beneath Jon Snow, we see the Tully, Lannister and Northern forces joining the fray. Lots of Wights are set afire by Drogon while the Westerosi armies slaughter them. It looks like the Dragonfire doesn’t affect the White Walkers, though. Bronn manages to kill of a White Walker with two spears of Dragonglass. Jaime sees that Brienne is getting in trouble with another White Walker. She gets stabbed right in the guts and that’s when Jaime goes mad and stabs the WW from behind. Brienne is dying and Jaime holds her in her arms. She asks Jaime to keep Sansa and Arya safe, as she promised that to Lady Catelyn. Jaime says he will do that for her. Brienne last words are that Jaime is a honorable man. She dies in his arms.

Scene 5

Arya, the Hound and Nymeria are entering a snowy King’s Landing. The Hound remarks that he hasn’t missed the stinking city at all and Arya agrees. Arya notices that the city has changed a lot since she has left and walks past a destroyed Sept of Baelor. To be in the same place again reminds her of Ned Stark. She tells the Hound it’s time to pay the Lannisters their debts.
Scene 6

Daenerys is starting to labor. It’s Samwell and Missandei who help her with it. Varys witnesses how a smaller part of the Golden Company is invading the shores of Dragonstone. The Unsullied try to stop them from entering the stairs to the castle. The Dothraki fight them on shore. Jorah and a small part of the Northern army join the fight as well. Jorah tries to get inside the castle to protect Daenerys.

Scene 7

In the Eyrie, the army of the Undead is diminishing by the second. Edmure is leading his men very well; Tyrion does too. The Night King is no longer mounting Viserion and tries to get inside the Eyrie with another White Walker. Viserion tries to attack Gendry and opens his mouth to spitfire on him. Gendry mounts a spear of Dragonglass in the mouth of the dragon. Undead Viserion falls from the rocks of the bloody gate and it is Drogon who finishes the job and sets Viserion on fire.

Scene 8

Jorah has made it into Dragonstone and finds Daenerys laboring. Things don’t look too bright for her. A sad Samwell concludes that both mother and child could never survive together and he only can save one of them. Jorah wants Daenerys to survive but Daenerys doesn’t want to give up on her baby. Samwell sets through and Daenerys manages to deliver her baby. Samwell tells Daenerys that she has delivered a girl and asks for her name. A very weakened Daenerys Wants to name her baby Lyanna, as Jon Would have liked that. Daenerys is dying and Missandei, Varys and Jorah realize that. The Golden Company is getting the upper-hand and start to invade the stairs to Dragonstone as well. Daenerys says goodbye to Jorah and thanks him for always being there for her. Jorah expresses his love for her and Daenerys asks Jorah to continue his oath and to keep her daughter safe for her together with Missandei. She asks Jorah to release her from her suffering and to kill her. Jorah says he never could and it’s Varys who puts Samwell’s sword, Heartsbane, through Daenerys’s chest.

Scene 9

Cersei Lannister and the Mountain receive Qyburn in the Throne Room. He comes to tell her that Daenerys has been defeated. Cersei laughes and both drink to celebrate their victory. Cersei begins to feel dizzy and the audience realizes that it’s Arya with Qyburn’s face. She has poisoned Cersei with Jaden’s vial. Qyburn starts to confront her and Cersei realizes that something is not right here. That’s when Arya makes her identity known. She tells Cersei that a lion should never have fought with a pack of wolves. Cersei begs The Mountain to kill off Arya but Arya tells her that won’t help. She brings in Nymeria and the Hound to finish the job. Nymeria gravely injures Cersei and the Hound combats with the Mountain. It’s Arya who finishes Cersei and slits her throat. Nymeria and the Hound destroys the Mountain but he doesn’t seem to die. The Mountain loses his helmet at some point and that’s when the Hound manages to burn his face with fire. The Mountain is left to die and The Hound, Arya and Nymeria leave The Red Keep.

Scene 10

The Commanders of the Golden Company have entered the castle and order Varys to hand over Daenerys to them. Varys tell them that Daenerys has died and the Commanders clear Varys out of their way and stab him. They indeed find Daenerys’s body and take her body with them to bring it to Queen Cersei. Samwell is able to hide himself together with Missandei and Dany’s baby. The Golden Company retreat back to King’s Landing.

Scene 11

Euron Greyjoy arrives back in King’s Landing to find out that Queen Cersei has been slaughtered. He pretends to be saddened by her death.

Scene 12

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark arrive back in Dragonstone to find out that everyone has been slaughtered. Samwell meets him on the stairs with Jon’s child in his arms. Jon starts to weep.

He asks if Daenerys has made it, but Samwell is sad to tell him she has not. He tells him she named their daughter Lyanna Targaryen.

Scene 13

Coronation of King Euron Greyjoy. He is made King of the Seven Kingdoms.


Davos doesn’t have a big role in this episode. He does appear and fight alongside Jon, Jaime, Gendry and co. He doesn’t have lines in this episode but you see him fighting in this episode.

Scene 1 – Dragonstone

Jaime, Bronn, Gendry, Tyrion and ser Davos arrive back in Dragonstone. Edmure supposedly has gone back to Riverrun. Jon receives them and informs them about Daenerys’s death. Tyrion is very saddened when he hears that Daenerys has died and has a chat with Jon Snow on the cliffs of Dragonstone. He tells Jon that he believed in Daenerys. He believed that she could make a better place out of this shit world and that he could better give up on that dream. Further,
Tyrion asks what killed Daenerys. Jon mentions that she died in childbirth and the Golden Company took her body to hand it over to Cersei Lannister. He asks what happened with the baby, on which Jon replies that their baby girl is alive and well. Tyrion smiles and then notices a single Greyjoy ship landing in Dragonstone. Jon and Tyrion walk toward the ship. It’s no one but Yara Greyjoy who has arrived in Dragonstone. She informs them that she escaped Euron but lost almost all of her army. Jon asks her about Theon’s whereabouts and she tells him he probably didn’t make it out alive when the dead arrived.

Scene 2 – Kings Landing

Daenerys’s body hanging from the walls in King’s Landing. The people of King’s Landing are throwing shit at her body and make fun of her corpse. Nearby is an alehouse where Arya and the Hound currently are. They hear that Euron is king now and that King’s Landing will probably face another attack by Euron’s enemies.

Arya wants to help Jon, fight with him, but the Hound thinks he’s done with that shit for now. Arya says she doesn’t care what the Hound does, but she’ll stay to fight alongside her brother. The Hound eventually agree to stay with her and help Jon and co.

We then see Euron Greyjoy speaking with the Commanders of the Golden Company in the Throne Room. He thanks them for bringing the body of the Dragon Queen to him and thinks it’s a shame that they didn’t bring her alive. He admits that he would have fucked her if they brought her alive. Euron Greyjoy expects that a reckoning is coming from the King in the North and that they should strike first. Euron commands the new Maester to send a raven to every kingdom and write that all of the Great Lords should swear fealty to him otherwise he shall attack them with his army of sellswords from King’s Landing.

Scene 3 – Dragonstone

Jon, Jaime, Bronn, Tyrion, Jorah, Sansa, Gendry, Davos, Missandei, Samwell and Yara are present at the War Council discussing the message of Euron Greyjoy. Euron Greyjoy has declared himself King of the Seven Kingdoms after Queen Cersei’s tragic death. Jaime is convinced that Euron is behind the murder of Queen Cersei and is furious. Yara agrees with Jaime. Davos states his opinion that this madman shouldn’t be ruling the Seven Kingdoms and they should fight back with everything they got. Gendry expresses his hatred toward Euron as he has taken the Baratheon seat away from his deceased family. Tyrion and Jaime want to use the Lannister army to fight Euron. Tyrion also think they should convince Daenerys’s remaning loyal men to keep fighting for Jon and for Dany’s offspring. So we have the North, the Lannister army and the remaining Dothraki, Unsullied and Drogon fighting for them.

It’s Samwell who later addresses Jon’s parentage again, but Jon doesn’t want Samwell to tell the rest about this. Jon clearly states that he never wants to become a king. It’s Davos who vouches for him. He tells the others that Jon is their last chance to save the people of Westeros from Euron Greyjoy dirty hands and he believes that Jon would make a good king. He’s their only hope. The others agree With Davos and Jon accepts his newly acquired position eventually.

After the War Council, Jon talks with his sister, Sansa. Sansa is confused with Jon’s parentage and finds it difficult to believe that father always lied to his family, to Catelyn, to Jon. Jon agrees with Sansa and asks her to take care of the North and of Winterfell, as she’s the heir of Winterfell. She agrees and tells Jon she was planning to leave Dragonstone anyway. The two share a hug before parting ways.

Missandei informs Jon that the the old woman came to visit him in Dragonstone again. Old Melisandre comes to tell Jon she’s ready to pay for her sins and reveals her identity. She tells a shocked audience that she’s done her part and that the prophecy has come true. Davos vouches to have the witch killed at last. Gendry agrees with Davos. Missandei also points out that she tried to convince Daenerys to have her baby sacrificed to the Lord of Light. Jon proposes to hang Old Melisandre but Melisandre asks Jon to have her killed by fire, because that’s the purest form of death. She’s executed outside of Dragonstone, killed by Drogon’s fire.

Ships are starting to leave Dragonstone to sail for Blackwater Bay. Tyrion, Missandei, Davos, Samwell and baby Lyanna stay in Dragonstone for the time being. Jorah, Gendry, Jaime and Bronn are seen boarding on the ships. Jon asks Tyrion and Missandei to take care for Lyanna if he doesn’t return alive. Jon also says goodbye to Samwell and thanks him for always being loyal to him.

Scene 4 – Kings Landing

Euron is seen on the Walls of King’s Landing and sees how Targaryen ships are approaching. Daenerys’s rotting body can be seen as well. We notice Jon Snow, wearing Targaryen/Stark armour and mounting Drogon above the ships. Euron brings forward the scorpions that were redesigned on his orders. Lannister men first land ashore and start to invade. We see men of the Golden Company guarding the city walls. Two Commanders of the GC are riding elephants. The elephants tread on several Lannister men. We can see the Northern army joining the Lannisters and the Dothraki coming from the sides. Jon and Drogon join the fight and Drogon sets one of the commanders together with the elephant on fire. The poor animal stresses out and kills quite some men unknowingly when it dies. We see Yara giving the best of herself with her axe and Gendry smashing a man’s skull with his hammer. Euron commands his men to take down Drogon with the scorpions. He has three of them. First they seem to fail to do so but then Drogon got hit two times in his right wing, prompting him to land.

The Lannister army, Stark army and Dothraki fight ferociously and manage to break through the city gates. Jon tries to flee with Drogon to the Dragonpit, because he sees that Drogon is hurting and can’t fly properly anymore. Arya notices that Drogon’s flying toward the Dragonpit. Meanwhile, The Hound has joined Jaime, Bronn and Jorah. Gendry and Yara decide to fight their way to the Red Keep where they think Euron is hiding himself right now. Euron actually commands his men to go to the Dragonpit to destroy the beast together with Jon Snow. Bronn and Jaime see Euron together with the Golden Company moving to the Dragonpit and go with
them. Jaime starts to realize that Jon is in danger. He’s the only one besides Tyrion who knows that there’s wildfire left beneath the Dragon pit.

If Drogon start to breathe fire right there, the wildfire could destroy the whole Dragonpit and taking everyone and everything with it.

Arya and Nymeria now enter the Dragonpit to see Jon caring for Drogon’s injuries. Jon tries to remove the spears out of Drogon’s Wings. Jon is very surprised to see Arya there and Wants her to leave King’s Landing immediately. Arya doesn’t want to leave Jon at first, indicating that she wants to fight with them. Arya strokes Drogon, commenting that she always dreamed of riding a dragon When she was younger, looking up to the tales of the Targaryen Warriors. Jon Smiles but strongly implores Arya to leave the Dragonpit now, because they’re in grave danger. They both share a hug before Arya decides to listen to Jon and leave. She’s clearly upset to leave Jon.

Yara and Gendry are inside the Red Keep but come to the conclusion that Euron has escaped to the Dragonpit, much to Yara’s annoyment because she wanted to finish her uncle.

Euron and the GC invade the Dragonpit. Euron start to battle Jon Snow. Jaime hastens to the Dragonpit, together with the Hound and Jorah and some Lannister men to get Jon out of there. Bronn doesn’t want to risk his life and stays where he is. Euron almost manages to kill of Jon Snow, but it’s Jaime who suddenly stabs him from behind, mortally wounding him. Jaime tries to get Jon out of the Dragonpit while Jorah and The Hound fight the remaining sellswords to make sure Jon gets out of the Dragonpit. Men of the Golden Company keep throwing spears at Drogon and it’s obvious that he’s dying. At one point, Drogon unknowingly unleashes his fire, causing the Dragonpit to tremble. Jaime realizes that Drogon has caused the wildfire to ignite beneath the Dragonpit and commands Jon to run for his life. A gravely injured Euron laughs before he’s dying, telling them that they are all fucked.

Before Jon, The Hound, Jaime and Jorah can escape it is too late and the wildfire consumes the whole Dragonpit. Nobody makes it out alive. Yara and Gendry witness the wildfire explosion from a distance and watch with much horror. People are seen fleeing King’s Landing before any more wildfire can ignite.

Scene 5 – Dragonstone

Tyrion sees a few Targaryen ships returning to Dragonstone. Yara and Theon inform Tyrion, Davos Samwell and Missandei about the wildfire explosion and that Jon, his brother and Jorah probably didn’t make it out alive. Tyrion is broken when he hears the news and so are Samwell and Davos when they hear about Jon’s death. Sam Well and Davos have Some Small talk and Sam Well asks Davos what he will do now. Davos tells Sam he’ll probably returns to his wife since he has left her alone for far too long. Samwell smiles and tells Dvaos he’s planning to do the same thing.

We then see Arya and Nymeria ready to board on a ship, Arya tells the captain that she’s done with Westeros. The captain asks what a small girl and a wolf are going to do in Essos now that there’s peace in Westeros. Arya responds with ‘Valar Morghulis’. We see Arya’s ship heading east, right before there’s a time jump of 3 years.

The next shot is Sam teaching Little Sam how to read. Lady Gilly Tarly, how she’s named now, is Lady of the Reach. Sam’s mother, Talla and Gilly look to Samwell and Little Sam and both share they love for these two. Sam comes in between and ask where they’re talking about, but Sam’s mother jokes that it was only women talk. Sam and Gilly share a last scene together. Gilly has good news for Sam. She’s pregnant with his child. Sam’s clearly on cloud nine when he finds out that he’s having his own child with Gilly. He also makes Gilly sure that he’ll always regard Little Sam as his own Sam and he’ll inherit the Reach one day.

Scene 6 – Winterfell

We see Lady Sansa and Lord Gendry now being together. Sansa watches with Gendry, Edmure and Roslin how Edmure’s sons are sparring with each other. Edmure still holds the title of Lord of Riverrun. Sansa notices that one of Edmure’s sons carries Arya’s sword, Needle and asks how he retrieved it. Edmure answers that his son, Willem, has found the sword in the woods when they were hunting. He asks whether her sister is still alive, at which Sansa responds that she probably would be. Arya always has found a way to survive somehow. Sansa and Gendry visit the crypts of Winterfell. Jon’s statue stands in the crypts as well. Gendry asks Sansa if the truly belongs down there. Sansa says that it is the only place where Jon truly belonged, next to his real father Ned and with his brothers. Gendry jokes that he wasn’t named “Jon” actually. Sansa says that he will always remain “Jon Snow’ to her. Sansa mentions that she has a lot of work still to do, as she’s Lady of Winterfell and Lady of the Vale by now. She asks what Gendry will do with Storm’s End, now that it’s left unoccupied. Gendry says he’s planning to do soon after that he’s been ackowledged as a true Baratheon by the King Regent.

And then we get to see the King Regent and Hand of Queen Lyanna Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion is watching how Missandei is reading a book for Lyanna about the tales of Rhaenys and Visenya Targaryen, before she goes to sleep. Lyanna asks if her mother also rode a dragon and Missandei answers that she was quite a warrior. The next scene, Tyrion and Missandei are seen in bed with each other and talk about Lyanna, that she’s not the most easygoing child. Tyrion mentions that she’s quite good at brooding as well.

Missandei laughs and tells Tyrion that he shouldn’t have expected otherwise with Jon and Daenerys as parents. Tyrion tells Missandei that she’s doing an excellent job in educating Lyanna and the two start to have sex with each other. The last scene with Tyrion is one with Lyanna on the giant map of Westeros. Tyrion tells Lyanna she will rule the Seven Kingdoms one day. He explains that the North and the Vale are currently ruled by Lady Sansa Stark, the only remaining Stark child and that she’s married to Lord Gendry Baratheon, Lord of the Stormlands. The Riverlands are ruled by Edmure Tully. Tyrion himself is in charge of Casterly Rock at the moment, but the castle is left unoccupied still. The Reach is ruled by Lord Samwell Tarly, son of Randy Tarly. The Iron Islands on the other hands are currently ruled by Yara Greyjoy. Lyanna asks about Dorne, on which Tyrion answers that Dorne is now ruled by one of Oberyn’s daughters. She has been married to a man who has always dreamt of owning a castle and having a fine young lady. Now he has both of them. Now Tyrion and Lyanna walk toward the Iron Throne. Tyrion warns Lyanna that the Game of Thrones isn’t a child’s play and it’s one that comes at a price. Of course, Tyrion assures her that she’ll never have to deal with the Game of Thrones alone and he’ll always be there for her. Last shot is Lyanna and Tyrion staring at the Iron Throne.

Last Scene

We end with a scene in the far far North, in the Lands of Always Winter. A single White Walker rides to and brings the body of Bran Stark to an altar. Remember that the Night King stabbed Bran in episode 2. He was stabbed in the heart with Dragonglass. He performs a certain ritual and Bran opens his eyes. They’re bright blue. The White Walker puts a crown on Bran’s head and the altar slowly changes into one of ice. Winter is coming…