10 Signs and Symptoms of Mesothelioma You Should Not Ignore

Signs and Symptoms of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma, a rare and deadly cancer caused by asbestos, can prove difficult for physicians to diagnose. This is because early symptoms of the disease are sometimes mild and can easily go unnoticed. If you know or suspect you may have been exposed to asbestos, it’s important to understand the subtle ways in which mesothelioma can first present itself. Unfortunately, most patients are not diagnosed until stage III or IV, when treatment options are limited. alifornia mesothelioma lawyer As is the case with most cancers, an earlier diagnosis can lead to earlier treatment, which can ultimately lead to better chances of survival.

Please note: The content provided below and elsewhere on this video is not intended nor should it be construed as providing professional medical or nutritional advice. Do not rely on information provided on this video for your health problems. instead, consult a qualified or mesothelioma doctor for cure mesothelioma.

And here are 7 Common Signs of Mesothelioma that you should to know;

01:02 Pleural Effusions
02:05 Fever or Excessive Sweating.
03:09 Unexplained Weight Loss
04:07 Difficulty Swallowing (What Doctors Call “Dysphagia”)
05:06 Fatigue
06:03 Chronic Cough
07:02 Chest or Abdominal Pain and Swelling

1. Pleural Effusions
The most common early sign of mesothelioma is the presence of pleural effusions. malignant mesothelioma of pleura What’s an “effusion”? This is a build-up of excess fluid around the lungs that can be found in 90 percent of patients. However, like all of the early symptoms of mesothelioma, pleural effusions can be representative of other illnesses such as heart failure and embolisms.

2. Fever or Excessive Sweating
At first of types of lung cancer mesothelioma, a fever may seem to indicate a passing condition. However, if this fever does not accompany other expected signs of a cold, it is worth questioning, especially if other symptoms such as those listed above are present. Excessive sweating, such as night sweats, is also a warning sign.

3. Unexplained Weight Loss
Weight loss that occurs unintentionally is worrisome. 30 percent of mesothelioma patients experience weight loss. If you notice weight loss in either yourself or a loved one, ask yourself if there are valid, explicable reasons for it. Unexplained weight loss of more than a few pounds can be attributed to a wide variety of illnesses. It is important to see your doctor to determine the cause.

4. Difficulty Swallowing (What Doctors Call “Dysphagia”)
If swallowing food becomes difficult, or if you or a loved one is experiencing pain upon swallowing, this is a cause for concern. As an early symptom of mesothelioma, difficulty swallowing may be accompanied by hoarseness, reflux, or the sensation of food being stuck in the back of one’s throat. Difficulty swallowing is not normal and is not something you should ignore.

5. Fatigue
Fatigue is another early sign of mesothelioma. It’s common to overlook or discredit certain symptoms such as fatigue, especially if one is overworked or tired in general. Fatigue associated with cancer, however, is the type that does not resolve itself with sleep. This type of fatigue may also be sporadic. Because fatigue can result from many different medical conditions, recognizing additional symptoms is meaningful here in helping guide proper diagnosis.

6. Chronic Cough
A chronic cough – just like the presence of chest or abdominal pain – is something to pay attention to. If this cough is accompanied by pain in the lungs or shortness of breath, make sure you seek medical attention. 36 percent of mesothelioma patients develop a chronic cough, but an even greater percentage – 79 percent – experience shortness of breath.

7. Chest or Abdominal Pain and Swelling
Mesothelioma most typically affects the tissue around the lungs. An early sign of mesothelioma is chest pain, especially if this pain is felt under the ribcage. Like many early symptoms of mesothelioma, however, chest pain can be attributed to a wide variety of conditions and diseases. is mesothelioma curable ? the answer is yes.

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