Anti Cancer Diet – What to eat when you have Cancer or Mesothelioma

Anti Cancer Diet Interview – In this interview we ask – “You have a chapter on the role of nutrition and diet when dealing with cancer. Can you tell us a little more?”

A good diet for cancer patients is a very important thing to increasing the chance of survival. People often ask what foods to eat when you have cancer, and Paul Kraus’ book on Cancer survival goes into just that. You can get a copy of his survival guide to mesothelioma and other cancers here:

Bernie Siegel, M.D., a Yale trained Assistant Clinical Professor of General and Pediatric Surgery says, “Paul Kraus’ book has all the information a cancer patient needs to have in order to learn what survival behavior is about…”

This is the only book of its kind written by an actual mesothelioma survivor and the only website where it is available for free. We only have a limited number of complimentary copies so this offer is only available to newly diagnosed mesothelioma patients. Get your free copy today before we run out.