Efforts of Support Group for Mesothelioma Center

Efforts of Support Group for Mesothelioma Center
Article highlights:
1. The greatest challenge with mesothelioma is to get the right information.
2. The Internet is constantly flooded with unreliable information.
3. Always compare the information you see online with what your physician said.
4. The ease of publication without any bar is ruining the integrity of the web.
5. There are channels that offer translations for non-English speakers.
6. You can validate the authenticity of a website using the “about us” page.
7. Be cautious of websites that offer cure to all forms of cancer.
8. Fraudulent websites have a way of acting on your sense of urgency.
9. The way a disease manifests on different patients usually depends on their immune system.
10. Some chemo drugs cause nerve damage.
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