Do You Know Your Mesothelioma Treatment Options?

This week we bring to you a video infographic on the available treatment options for mesothelioma cancer patients. Have you tried any of these before? Have you found a combination of treatments that has worked for you? Let us know at or on Facebook:

Transcript: “Did you know…

That mesothelioma patients have a number of treatment options to extend their life expectancy and ease symptoms?

The most common treatments are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Surgery has the best chance at extending survival, especially among patients with early stage cancer.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy work best to relieve symptoms and help manage the cancer’s growth.

When doctors combine two or more treatments, it’s called multimodal therapy — which has the best history of extending survival.

In one multimodal study, 45% of early stage patients survived five years or longer.

Clinical trials are exploring treatments like gene therapy, immune therapy and photodynamic therapy with growing success.

Also on the rise is the use of alternative therapies among mesothelioma survivors like acupuncture, dietary changes, massage and meditation to complement their traditional treatments.

Even though no cure has been found yet, numerous survivor stories offer hope to newly diagnosed patients searching for treatment options. Simply knowing that mesothelioma survivors exist is inspiring, and knowing which treatments worked for them provides hope and motivation to keep seeking a cure.

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