Mesothelioma Stages – Mesothelioma Treatment Community –
Mesothelioma Stages are a 4-tier classification of the location, extent, and severity.

Doctors use four primary stages to determine the seriousness of a diagnosis of mesothelioma. These mesothelioma stages determine the extent of cancer within the body. There are four stages. Stage l, ll, lll, or lV. A lower number means you have more treatment options and a better chance for long-term survival.
Doctors use these mesothelioma stages to describe the cancer to patients and to one another about how advanced the cancer is, how many tumors there are and how far the cancer has spread within the body. It is an important assessment tool because once the doctor knows the stage of cancer, he can then develop a table for treatment. He will know which treatments are available and which are not.

Aggressive treatment is given when a doctor believes that a patient is healthy enough and that all signs of cancer can be removed completely (mesothelioma stages I and usually stage II as well). If the cancer has spread and cannot be removed completely, the cancer is considered unresectable (mesothelioma stages IV and sometimes stage III). The doctors will recommend treatment options such as chemotherapy and experimental treatments which can stop the spreading of the cancer and reduce tumor size.
Mesothelioma stages are methods that vary from Doctor to Doctor. Mesothelioma Doctor’s do not all agree on one staging system but they do agree staging is a good predictor of life expectancy.