Unique Winter Wedding Ideas

Planning a winter wedding? Following these winter wedding tips will ensure you have the perfect day.

Winter: It is that magical, almost otherworldly time of the year when the cold winds wrap you around and the glistening white snow relaxes your mind and spirit.

For some couples, this is the perfect time to get married.

Winter weddings have always had this magical and romantic appeal.

But although enchanting, winter weddings (like any other weddings), can also have their fair share of unexpected and last minute problems.

But do not worry, these things can be prevented by a creating a master wedding plan that is absolutely infallible.

To know more about how you can have the perfect wedding ceremony, then keep reading.

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Winter Wedding Tips to Follow:

1) Have Only One Venue

More often than not, wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions are held in separate locations.

But keep in mind that winter seasons can be very unpredictable. Unexpected and unforeseen bad weather conditions can make the transfer to another venue a pain.

By conducting the wedding ceremony and wedding reception in one place, you are one step ahead of this circumstance.

Moreover, it would also be more convenient for your guests who may have a hard time transferring locations such as elderly people and persons with different abilities.

2) Do Not Compromise Comfort For Fashion

Sure! Everybody wants to look their best on their wedding day.

But comfort should always be your priority. From all the winter wedding tips we share tonight, this one should be taken seriously.

You do not need to sacrifice either fashion or comfort when choosing your wedding attire. For brides, long wedding gowns are the go-to garb.

Not only because it is elegant but also because it is warm especially during the cold wintry months.

If the temperature is really low, you can put on tights or leggings underneath the dress. This goes the same for your maid of honor and your bridesmaids if they are also wearing a long dress.

Also, according to fashion authority Vogue, you can also consider layering by donning on second skin jumpsuits, pants, and mini skirts worn underneath flimsy lace, satin or tulle skirts to add a contemporary allure.

3) Choose Warm and Cozy Wedding Decorations

Would it not be nice to have warm and cozy surroundings in the most important day in your life?

Wedding event rentals offer a wide array of options depending on the theme you choose for the wedding ceremony.

Consider decorating in rich and warm tones of red, burgundy, black, gold and brown.

To add oomph to the enchanting fairytale wedding romance, candles are also recommended.

4) Schedule Your Winter Wedding Photoshoot In The Morning

While winter daylights tend to be soft and perfect for outdoor shoots, the days are shorter.

Apogee Photo Magazine echoes this statement by saying that “an obvious issue with weddings in winter is fewer hours of daylight compared to those warmer months, reducing the amount of time available for outdoor shots.”

To address this problem, try scheduling your winter wedding photoshoots in the morning so that you will have more time catching the natural sunlight for that wedding day glow.

5) Have A Cocoa/Coffee/Tea Bar

A great way to keep your guests warm and comfortable is by serving them, delicious hot beverages to help them fight the cold.

If you are feeling a little extra, you can up your hot cocoa game by adding a little extra booze for that added warmth and posh.