8 Wedding Tips from a Real Bride

Watch Clare’s amazing wedding day here.

Being that we’re in the midst of wedding season, I thought I would give brides-to-be some wedding tips because why not, it’s another excuse to post pictures from the most magical day!

1. Give yourself plenty of time to plan!  Once you’re engaged it’s so easy to want to rush to the finish line and steal his last name. Don’t. We had almost a year and a half engagement and honestly, it made planning so much easier. I never felt rushed and I was able to check things off the list slowly and enjoy the planning process.

2. Choose your vendors wisely! I practically stalked everyone I hired prior to contacting them. They will make or break your wedding day if you don’t vibe with them. A month later and I’m still obsessed with our vendors.

3. There are ways to save money! Weddings are expensive & definitely not something you want done cheaply. BUT, when you can DIY something, do it. I made all our programs, seating cards, table markers & hotel welcome bags.

4. Stick to a guest list. Personally I wanted a smaller wedding. Don’t let others influence who you invite. My motto was I wasn’t walking around our wedding meeting people for the first time. On another note, people will say they’re coming and not show. Let it go. At the end of the day, those who want to be there will be there for you.

5. Look yourself. There’s nothing worse than a bride walking down the aisle who looks like she just stepped out from the circus tent  Don’t overdo the hair & makeup

6. Book transportation for your guests.  Papa J came in clutch with a party bus and it ensures everyone has a safe ride home.

7. Don’t take the day too seriously. I wanted the day to show our personalities and I’m quite sure it did. There’s nothing worse than a stiff ceremony. Crack jokes, be awkward, it’s more fun that way!

8. Most importantly, have fun and remember what the day is about. It was seriously the easiest thing I’ve ever done and I wasn’t nervous whatsoever. By the end of the night I was wiping my chocolate covered hands on my dress in typical Clare fashion.